Come to TII 2017!

Hey Guys only a couple of weeks left for the Tropical island invasion 2017 (17.02.-19.02.), so id like to share some information with you.

For general questions id like to refer you to bobs TII survival guide (cost/info) (warning cost info might not be up to date)


The wintercamping option is highly recommend, you just have to book this a couple of days in advance, check out the TI website. (you do NOT register at any convention you just pay the regular entrance fee for TI).

Meeting point:

As last year the right(when you face the the Truman show sky curtain ) side of the suedsee, close the sauna area.

Very Preliminary schedule:

Friday 18:30 meeting at the suedsee to talk about stuff.

Friday or Saturday 20:00 Fight Night qualification

Friday or Saturday 23:00 Fight Night

Saturday 23:00 Open Stage/Games

Sunday 12:00 Toss up/ Pictures