Come to TII 2017!

Hey Guys only a couple of weeks left for the Tropical island invasion 2017 (17.02.-19.02.), so id like to share some information with you.

For general questions id like to refer you to bobs TII survival guide (cost/info) (warning cost info might not be up to date)


The wintercamping option is highly recommend, you just have to book this a couple of days in advance, check out the TI website. (you do NOT register at any convention you just pay the regular entrance fee for TI).

Meeting point:

As last year the right(when you face the the Truman show sky curtain ) side of the suedsee, close the sauna area.

Very Preliminary schedule:

Friday 18:30 meeting at the suedsee to talk about stuff.

Friday or Saturday 20:00 Fight Night qualification

Friday or Saturday 23:00 Fight Night

Saturday 23:00 Open Stage/Games

Sunday 12:00 Toss up/ Pictures

Tropical Island Invasion 17.02.-19.02.2017

Dear Jugglers,

Need a Juggling Convention? Need a break from Winter? Time for your yearly bath? Here’s the plan: 17-19. February 2017 we invade Tropical Islands and you can get all at once. From Friday to Sunday we plan to get as many jugglers as possible to meet in the largest dome in the world where it is always 26°C.

Only a couple of days left until Tropical island Invasion, and we are very exited to see you guys there. Here are some last minute hints for a fun invasion:

-Our meeting place will be at the ‘Suedsee’ beach on the right site close to the volley club field and close to the sauna area. This is also a good place to sleep.

-When there are enough people who want to perform we will have a show at Saturday evening.

-Same holds for the games and a fight night at Saturday evening/night.

-Note that the overnight Fee has increased so check out the web site of TI if you don’t what any bad surprises when you leave.

– If you what something to happen please make it happen and feel free to organize, bring all your toys, musical instruments, workshop ideas, etc. Remember this is (like any other place) a good place to try something new or unusial.

-You can sneak in food but you have to hide it at least a little bit. So don’t bring your Aldi bags…

-there are plenty of regular TI visitors.

-As you may have noticed already: this is not a regular convention its an INVASION so when its your first time read bobs excellent survival guide(its posted somewhere below here).


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