What to expect.

A weekend of barefoot in the sand and swimming in bare-skin temperatures in the middle of winter with all your favourite conventioneers. The sky is sure to be grey, steal grey of the largest dome in Germany that will insure no chance of rain, snow or wind. Bring your shorts/bikini, light sleeping bag  and your favourite juggle/water/swimming toys.

Sleeping: There are accommodations it you have the money to spend. To sleep on the beach is included in the group-ticket price. Bring a blanket, light sleeping bag or just sleep under a large towel and everything else you need for two nights in the dome. It is possible to rent a cushion for the recliners for just a few euro or just occupy one that someone is finished with and has left abandon.

Food: There are restaurants there, bringing your own food is officially not allowed. The best times to enter is when many of the normal people are trying to leave, that is between 18:00 and 20:00.

Workshops: Bring your own ideas like: How to pirouette in sand, acrobatics in water, sand castle building, or what ever you dream up.

Shows: Saturday night Open Stage near near the South Sea and if you want it bad enough, help organize a Renegade.