Costs are admission into Tropical Islands. There is no additional fees for the convention. More information about the water park fees are here:

Because the pricing system is really hard to understand, here is what you need to know:

Costs for normal guests are as follows:
49€ with Sauna
33€ if you are a student
39,50€ if you are a student and you want sauna

As a normal guest; you just arrive when you want, check in, you will receive an armband chip. This is how you pay for everything in the dome. Every night you stay, a night fee (34,50€) will be added to your armband chip. When you leave you pay for the night fees and anything you bought during your stay. Look for an automated pay machine to make checking out super easy. As easy as tossing your armband in the checkout turnstile as you walk out.

Survival Guide


Sorry there is no Group-Ticket this year.