18:30 Welcome Meeting @ South Sea near the Volleyball court on the Sauna end.
18:30-20:00 Nothing special planned, enjoy the place
Sleeping planned @ South Sea (but of course you can sleep where you want)

Cleaning of the South Sea happens on the Friday night, so expect the beach to be sectioned off after midnight and people to sweep around you sometime that evening. Even though the Lagoon is not cleaned that night, the South Sea is a much nicer place to sleep. Waking up together is much easier to build a group feeling than first having to move like we tried last year.

11:00-18:00 Workshops (check for free workshops offered by TI!)
11:00 Beach Volley Club Tournament?
23:00 Games  (after sauna closes), Fight Night and Open Stage

11:00-18:00 Workshops

If you would like to teach something, write it on the list. The workshop list will be kept near the juggling camp.

Open Stage & Renegade
We will occupy a part of the South Sea to put together our show, late after most of the non-jugglers have left. If you want to perform, make sure you get on the list. Last year, crazy jugglers organized a Renegade in the bar

Are planned late so that we have space because most normal people will have left and after 11 pm so that the jugglers are back from the sauna.

Beach Volley Club Tournament
There is the opportunity to have a Beach Volley Club Tournament, we just need someone to run it. It would take place sometime Saturday when the volleyball courts are not in use. In 2017 the outdoor Area Amazonia was added to the tropical Islands and the Beach Volley Club Nets have moved outdoor, so we would need a net to play indoor.